A look into the mind of M.L.F.S.

Are you sick and tired of playing in boring fantasy baseball leagues?

Sick of having to play in a league with 3 quality owners?

Sick of ridiculous trade scenarios? Sick of stat boosters?

Last but not least, Are you sick of boring old roto?

If you answered yes to most of that then you will want to give our league a look.

  • We are a H2H, keeper(4), 16 Team, 26 man roster, full payout cash league (we generated almost $2,800 last year).
  • We are going on our 5th full season.
  • The league fees are $100 to own the team and $100 deposit on moves (waivers $1, trades $10).
  • We also have our own YouTube channel, Facebook page, Orkut community, Google circle, and Twitter page.

Check out the sites listed below. Ask me about our trading system that I developed and implemented 2 years ago.

League Commissioner


Major League Fantasy Baseball (ESPN):


YouTube channel:


Facebook Page:


Google Page:


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