Colts Fire Caldwell and look to the future

According to the Colts have released their head coach, Caldwell. This comes as no surprise, considering the Colts were terrible this season. I’ve lived in Indy since March of 2008, and have noticed that they are the only team I have ever seen that is so highly dependent upon 1 player. I had said that if Manning were to be removed from their team, they would not win a game. While they did manage to win a whopping 2 games, Caldwell has proven to be an average coach. His release shows that the Colts are forging ahead towards the future.

With the removal of the Polian’s and the firing of Caldwell, its clear that the Colts are moving to clean house. What does this say about Manning’s future? I say this is clear evidence that he will be traded (this release talk is bogus) for a mountain of draft picks. The Colts would be wise to do so for the long-term benefits. A perfect example is the Hershel Walker trade that Jimmy Johnson turned into a cluster of Super Bowls and numerous Hall of Fame players. This entire Colts fiasco will surely make this off-season and draft very interesting.

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