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Major League Fantasy Baseball 3, H2H points league

I have launched the new head to head points league. It has the same settings for rosters as M.L.F.B. 1 & 2, as well as 16 teams. What makes this different is it plays like H2H in fantasy football where players accumulate points based on statistical plays. What will also be different is the auction draft, free agent auction, only 2 divisions, and the point scoring allows me to add triples (+3) and errors (-2) to the scoring. Those of you who play in the football league know it is a creative scoring model that adds every element to the scoring system other than offensive line play. In this league, big games are rewarded and bad play is discounted.

What I like about the points system is the ability to add certain categories that affect real play in the Major Leagues into our system. Game winning RBI is a critical stat that should get more of a reward than an RBI in a game in which you are trailing 15-2. I also think a perfect game warrants a bonus to the pitcher, along with a no-hitter, or shut out. There are penalties for bad play which balance out the scoring model appropriately. This is also a money league, and the first year we will do an auction draft followed by a snake draft. We will use a free agent auction to acquire players on waivers, which will have 3 days designated per week for owners to bid on players. These days will be Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 11am. The bidding will start at $1, and will max out at $5. There is a free agent budget of $120 for the entire season and a weekly move limit of 4, so spend your free agent money wisely. If you do the math (23 weeks x 4) you come up with 92, which is the total amount of moves you can make for the season. Your budget is $120 for the year, so if you bid $1 on each move made you still have $28 left over, but no more moves. If you end up averaging $2 per move for the year, you will only have  60 moves.  This will add a fun strategy to the league, which worked very well in Major League Fantasy Football this past year.

To all those who are unfamiliar with the scoring model in the head to head category leagues, do not worry. Our scoring model does not allow for streaming. To look at the scoring model, just go to the blogs homepage and along the right you will see links for the leagues. Click on Major League Fantasy Baseball 3 and go to the settings tab to see the scoring categories. I think this will be a fun league, and I am personally looking forward to it.

I am also designing a roto format as we speak, and I have to really analyze the system to eliminate manipulation. The roto league will be mostly the standard settings with 2 or 3 tweaks to eliminate stat cheats. Stay tuned!

Owner and creator of Major League Fantasy Sports. We will provide you with the best tools to be successful in your leagues no matter if it’s daily, seasonal, or expert driven!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. myothers33

    February 10, 2012 at 11:26 am

    I want to join….and I would help out in any capacity you need also

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