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Mark’s Remarks…A Cajun Bounty

Recently I read John Clayton’s article on ESPN titled, “Saints Bounty Story Worse than Spygate,” and I have to disagree with that notion. While it’s not OK to pay a player to hurt their opponent on purpose, it isn’t illegal or against any NFL rules. Spygate, on the other hand, was illegal. It was spying, and it gave the Patriots an unfair advantage.

For defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, this is a repeat performance. This also happened when he was the defensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins. I do not remember any penalties against him when he was with the Redskins. The fact that this happened for 3 years makes it a big problem. It strikes me as funny that he will talk about it after the Saints let him go this off-season. He now apologizes for what happen the previous years, and as the defensive coordinator of the Saint Louis Rams, says that it will never happen again.

Being a native of New Orleans, I know Tom Benson would never have allowed such a practice because he is a wonderful person. The NFL will go severely at the Saints to make them an example, seeing that the NFL is not the NFL we used to watch 20 years ago. The Saints will probably lose draft picks, as well as suffer huge fines and suspensions. Amazing for a team that hasn’t really ever had a great defense. Again, they did not break any rules. The idea of bounties have been around football for a long time. Buddy Ryan’s defenses were always suspected of having bounties on players. My biggest point is that they did not break any actual rules, so comparing them to spygate and saying that it’s worse is completely wrong.

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