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“Foster Your Roster” – 2012 C Ranks

As a blanket statement I suggest waiting on catchers.  Yes, you want to get production whenever possible, but all catchers carry a lot of risk.  They tend to wear down more than any other position over the course of a full season, they are exposed to collisions that may lead to injuries and they get days off which take away from the opportunity to contribute.

  1. Mike Napoli

As mentioned above catchers miss a lot of time, but Napoli hit 30HRs in only 113 games last season, so he is clearly the top catcher.  Based on his BABIP his average will come down some, but if they can keep him in the lineup at 1B or DH his HRs and RBIs may rise.

  1. Brian McCann

He doesn’t have the same upside as some of the other options, but you know what you’re going to get with him and it’s in the upper tier of catchers.  For a position with so much volatility his consistency adds to the value of his stats.

  1. Carlos Santana

He may very well finish the season as the top fantasy catcher, but if he doesn’t progress as expected he may be several spots lower than this.  His patience as demonstrated by his OBP, coupled with his power are indications that the leap may come sooner than later though.

  1. Matt Wieters

He showed significant improvement last season and with a bit more he seems like he’ll finally deliver and all of the hype that surrounded him a couple of years ago.

  1. Miguel Montero

2010 was only half a season due to injury, but 2009 and 2011 were both very good fantasy seasons.  He doesn’t hit anywhere near as well against lefties, but maybe some of his days off will be worked in against them.

  1. Buster Posey

Posey may be a great talent, but he suffered a brutal injury which kept him out for a long time.  He needs to prove he’s fully recovered and has no lingering effects before you invest.

  1. Alex Avila

His 2011 BABIP of .366 is definitely unlikely to be repeated, so his AVG may drop a bit, but .275 is still solid along with his other numbers. 

  1. Joe Mauer

There is definitely risk that comes with him, but when he plays he always hits for a high average with respectable totals in the other categories.

  1. Yadier Molina

The Cardinals believed enough to give him 5 year extension.  He’s a stable option, but last season was first with double digit HRs, so he’s not a lock to reach that level again.

  1. Wilson Ramos

He’s put up good numbers as a prospect, so as he acclimates to the Majors and the grind of catching for a full season he should rise and challenge for a spot in the top 5.

  1. Geovany Soto

He’s been up and down the last several years, but towards the end he’s worth a shot to see if he can reach the levels of 2008 and 2010 (it is an even numbered year again after all). 

  1. Kurt Suzuki

He’s had a couple of really bad years of BABIP, so either he’s regressed and makes bad contact or he’s had long run of bad luck.  As a C who plays the bulk of the games it’s worth finding out before jumping on a platoon player.

Sleeper – Ryan Doumit:

His stats won’t blow you away but with a move to the AL and the chance to DH in addition to filling in at C or 1B if needed he could be in for his best season yet. 

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