Major League Fantasy Football expands to 3 leagues in 2012

It is almost here ladies and gentlemen. I am actively looking to build 2 new leagues this season. I have a new payout to add to all 3 leagues. The team that scores the most total points between all 3 leagues will win the cash. I think this adds a little competitive spirit between the leagues. To give all the new readers a bird’s-eye view of the league I will give you some basics for our system. The idea behind all of the fantasy sports leagues I have created is to make it more realistic and have a balanced competitive system to keep all owners engaged. We have a unique system of scoring that has been tried and tested for 6 years. The categories are weighted correctly for offense and defense. We play with individual defensive players and you need to start 11 guys per week. What I like about the way I have set this up is that you can field a number of different styles of defenses. You can run a 3-4, 4-3, 5-3-3, nickel, etc. Each defensive positions scoring model makes each position count according to how much that position effects a real game. If you were to take an independent poll of our current owners I am certain that the one comment they would make  would be “competitive”.

To buy in to the league is a $200 deposit. $100 to own the rights to the team and $100 deposit on free agent and trade moves. We use a free agent auction system in which you can bid from $1 to $10 for a free agent. Every team has a max budget of $100 on free agent moves and each trade is $5.

If you are a serious intelligent football mind, then this is the league for you. Contact me directly for more info or to apply for ownership. I am only looking for a certain type of person and all people who apply will not be taken. I already have a solid group for league number 2, so number 3 will be a focus. Follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our blog, and subscribe to our you-tube channel. We will be doing an update on you-tube this weekend so look out for Jessica’s pretty face.

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