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Major League Fantasy Football expands to 3 leagues in 2012

It is almost here ladies and gentlemen. I am actively looking to build 2 new leagues this season. I have a new payout to add to all 3 leagues. The team that scores the most total points between all 3 leagues will win the cash. I think this adds a little competitive spirit between the leagues. To give all the new readers a bird’s-eye view of the league I will give you some basics for our system. The idea behind all of the fantasy sports leagues I have created is to make it more realistic and have a balanced competitive system to keep all owners engaged. We have a unique system of scoring that has been tried and tested for 6 years. The categories are weighted correctly for offense and defense. We play with individual defensive players and you need to start 11 guys per week. What I like about the way I have set this up is that you can field a number of different styles of defenses. You can run a 3-4, 4-3, 5-3-3, nickel, etc. Each defensive positions scoring model makes each position count according to how much that position effects a real game. If you were to take an independent poll of our current owners I am certain that the one comment they would make  would be “competitive”.

To buy in to the league is a $200 deposit. $100 to own the rights to the team and $100 deposit on free agent and trade moves. We use a free agent auction system in which you can bid from $1 to $10 for a free agent. Every team has a max budget of $100 on free agent moves and each trade is $5.

If you are a serious intelligent football mind, then this is the league for you. Contact me directly for more info or to apply for ownership. I am only looking for a certain type of person and all people who apply will not be taken. I already have a solid group for league number 2, so number 3 will be a focus. Follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our blog, and subscribe to our you-tube channel. We will be doing an update on you-tube this weekend so look out for Jessica’s pretty face.

Owner and creator of Major League Fantasy Sports. We will provide you with the best tools to be successful in your leagues no matter if its, daily, seasonal, or expert driven!

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@CraigMish No convincing needed. It was the set up for, in my opinion, the most lopsided trade of all time. I still can't believe MLB didn't block that deal. Smh

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