Major League Fantasy Football 2 Draft order/Tutorial

After a long, grueling effort I am proud to report that M.L.F.F. 2 is up and running. I would like to send a special thanks to Marc Foster, Tobias Severn, and Greg Burns for helping us find new talent. I have done a new You-tube video that outlines the draft pick order, and includes some key information for owners that are new to our formula and IDP format. I suggest that everyone watch the video to get their draft pick. ALL new owners should watch the entire video for helpful information and hints on how to draft defensive players. In hindsight, I am glad it took so long because we have the right type of people for our community.

Copy and paste this link to a browser to watch the You-tube video, or go directly to the MLFF2 league homepage and you can watch from the embedded You-tube window:

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