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“Brooklyn Sound”: Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder

If you have been reading over the last couple of weeks, you will notice my affinity for players that most leagues do not have any confidence in, and adding a player before he sparks the curiosity of the entire league. It is my belief that’s what separates me from many other fantasy participators. Also, it’s usually the common denominator in finishing at the top, while my opponents stare at their teams and wonder how Mike Trout, Yu Darvish, and Jose Reyes powered them to a 9th place finish. The players I acquire during the course of the season will never cause the league to ponder the question, “How did he get all that talent?” The question it will raise is, “How the Christ did he win with those guys?” Sure, big names look extremely attractive; they also are a good way to make it seem like your team is better than your friends. Though, the conversation rarely ends with, “I won my league.” I’m going to get into a few players that really are serviceable, yet their attractiveness would mirror that of Roseanne Barr.

516a363b501fa.imageChris Carter – 1B/OF/DH – Yes, the same guy with probably the leagues highest strikeout rate, at 37%, is the same kind of guy who can prove extremely pertinent to the success of your team. Oh, you drafted Joey Votto, Prince Fielder, and Albert Pujols in the first round? Well, Carter has more bombs than all of them. You say he plays on a putrid team (which would be correct), so he has no shot to be helpful in RBIs or runs interesting, considering he is three runs shy of being at 40 and 40 in those respected categories at this point in the season. It seems that 75% of ESPN leagues are either asleep at the wheel or really believe that average means more than three other categories. While your competition sits there idle, waiting for Josh Hamilton to produce at the rate of a top 20 pick, you are getting more production out of a guy who was most likely one of your last picks.

2-Giants-Color-34p-1024x784Hunter Pence – OF – Certainly a well known name around the league, though, even more underrated. At this point on the season, he is sitting at 37th on the ESPN player rater; his draft position was in the 120’s. It’s a real punch in the gut when you drafted Andrew McCutchen anywhere from the sixth to the eighth pick in the draft, and the guy taken over 100 picks later is only one spot behind him in position ranking. I will not even get into how Matt Kemp owners should feel reading this…over 10 HR’s and stolen bases so far, check. Close to 300 average, certainly. On pace for 90 runs and 80 RBIs, barring injury, it’s a very good bet. His OBP does leave a lot to be desired at .330, though. He is certainly a guy you should be looking to deal for if you have a sexy name who is not panning out.

JoshDonaldsonJosh Donaldson – 3B – Unless you have been under a rock, or maybe stranded on a deserted island, all baseball fans alike should be marveling at the production this waiver wire darling has been shelling out to date. When the season started, third base was tabbed as the thinnest position, considering there were only about five guys who stood out from the rest of the pack. Donaldson just made it a six pack, because he is flat-out mashing and giving his owners and the A’s something to be enthralled about. Posting a .307/12/41/51/2 line with a .376 OBP, he is easily in the top three wire ads this season. This is exactly why you do not grab the best of the worst on draft day, when all other top notch players in that position have already been taken. At this point, owners are going to covet his services way too much for you to make any kind of deal that would be regarded as better for your team. To the owners who snagged him from the wire, kudos!

Everyone is always looking for the proverbial hottest gal on the block, meanwhile, the girl next door cooks like an iron chef, gets you the coolest sports memorabilia, doesn’t mind that not one of your shirts costs more than $50, and will never ask you to rock a pair of Ed Hardy jeans that have a dragon playing dice with a panda on them, just because it’s trendy. My kind of woman, to say the least. The looks won’t be there, but you will definitely have the kind of girl all your friends should seriously be jealous of. Same goes for fantasy production in this case. These names are not the highest pedigree, yet your team is reaping the benefits on a massive scale.

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