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“Brooklyn Sound”: Time is Sure Telling

Welcome to July, friends – the month that really shows if your team has the goods to finish off the year on top, or if your first half of the season was marred with mirror images. As an active owner you should have a firm grasp on exactly how your team stacks up with the rest of the league, and where your strengths and weakness lie at this point. That is, unless you are the type of person who doesn’t appreciate the bragging rights that come with a winning season. Moves you have made for the betterment of your squad might have put you in peril, and others may have the league worried about their chances down the stretch. Whatever you have done during the course of the year regarding your team, I hope you have had fun and are enjoying the players you have attained. Just know, now is the time for it to get thick. Hold on to your hats while we take a look at some players who have made their owners extremely happy, as well as the ones who have proven to bring only feelings of utter disgust and regret into our daily fantasy baseball induced lives. Just want to say, BJ Upton has been godawful and we all know it. No use getting into that train wreck, meets car accident, followed by a tsunami…

JasonKipnis2012Jason Kipnis – 2B:  After a tumultuous start of the season, which included eight DNPs due to a sore left elbow, the Cleveland second baseman continues to swing one of the hottest sticks in the league. With an abysmal .200 BA for the month of April, Kipnis has catapulted to almost .300 on the year. There was a point at the start of the season where you could have bought low, though; those days are long gone considering his stat line is at 46/12/51/19/.299/385. Owners who were frustrated in April have nothing but kind remarks now for the reigning AL player of the month of June. Patience certainly was the right antidote for any worries, so I hope you took your medicine appropriately.

imagesMark Reynolds – 3B/1B:  On the other end of the spectrum, Kipnis’ teammate actually had almost the exact opposite start to the season. Posting a huge batting average was something owners who drafted Reynolds were certainly not expecting. By now he has assured us all that was only a blip on the screen, as he relegated back to his projected .220-.230 average. Let’s be honest, a career hitter of .235 does not hit for .300. If he does, then it is certainly not going to be sustainable in the least. That’s a serious plummet, and one I hope owners reading this will never incur. You just don’t draft guys like this, because the only thing consistent about them is every year the ups, downs, and fluctuations in production will give you agita(which is not a real word, but means heartburn in Brooklyn).

0582 ctp twins day threeJosh Willingham – OF:  Where O’ where has the hammer gone? He certainly is a front-runner for the Wool Over My Eyes Award. Last year was filled with tremendous production, robust nights, and the makings of a mid round beast. Though, due to knee problems it has been a sub par season to say the least. I recently acquired Willingham (before the injuries), hoping that my opponent would have absorbed the mediocre start and I would reap the benefits of a powerful second half. That is not going to be the case. I feel that the year is lost for Willingham owners, and all we are left with is last year’s stats, high pre-draft projections, and a pocketful of nothing to show for it. I could say “if” he was healthy he was on pace for a 25+ HR season, but if “if” was a fifth, we would all be lit. Mr. Willingham definitely has me feeling sober!

Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue JaysHisashi Iwakuma (god bless you) – SP:  Currently sitting at a higher spot on the player rater than Max Scherzer (who has not lost yet, so you know), Madison Bumgarner, and Chris Sale, Iwakuma owners should be doing back flips and the running man at the same damn time over this most surprising state of affairs. For the record, he has surpassed his teammate, King Felix, in terms of production for the year. What started the year as maybe a guy worth a late round flier, has turned into what could be a Cy Young Award winner. In 115 innings pitched, he has 101 Ks, 7 W, 12 QS, a .242 ERA, and a .088 WHIP. I would most likely be running through the streets naked right now if my close to last round pick gave me these type of numbers. Obviously I have not been arrested for doing so, basically meaning I am not a proud owner, and you can feel confident a naked Brooklynite will not be a streaking by…for now!

Wish all the readers a very happy and safe 4th of July. And remember, sparklers fizzle out pretty quick, so always make sure your team is a Macy’s display!

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