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Brooklyn Sound: The All-Hype-Stars

Come one, come all, to the worst mid-season fantasy baseball showings in our world! With the All Star game behind us I figured it was a good time to compile a not so All Star list, if you will. While Chris Davis is bombing in one direction, some very highly touted players are bombing in another. It’s pretty interesting through valuing players we sometimes give these pre draft “stars” the benefit of the doubt for a lot longer than we would give a wire add. Make no mistake; if the guys you see here are on your team, they are not doing what you drafted them for, and there’s not much I, yourself, or a higher power in any religion can do about it. So let’s go around the horn one time and see who has mired your fantasy bed sheets in fecal matter.

images4578C- Miguel Montero– Behind the plate he squats all day, so it’s only fitting for your fantasy team he has certainly crapped all year. Montero was being grabbed anywhere from the 10th to 16th round in most drafts and he couldn’t have hornswoggled owners much worse. In 300+ at bats he has only 68 hits. He might finish the year with 16HR’s/ 65RBI’S/65R’s. Now ask yourself; was this really worth it?

images001B- Albert Pujols– Easily one of the top two highest draft position misses this year. In my league he is currently ranked 23rd among first baseman I feel for you guys who had that 9th pick and saw him still out there. You were thinking; “he is a 30-100-100 guy that hit’s consistently over 300”. That is obviously not what you retained this year by a long shot. If you have him in a keeper, it’s time to make that move!

2B- Rickie Weeks– Still the better of the Weeks brothers, but that’s about it….. In his torrid pace of nothing this season he has infuriated owners in both shallow and deep leagues. He has done this very well- for all that’s worth. Currently not even owned in 50% of ESPN leagues, his 152 ADP looks almost laughable. Rickie Weeks

3B- Aramis Ramirez– In all fairness his minimal production is more than likely due to his lingering knee injury that he sustained in April. Having said that, who cares? Readers want the truth and the truth is you drafted this guy extremely high and he has given you nothing but multiple DL stints. 5HR’s/ 26RBI’s/21R’s…………………………….(Crickets)……………………..Aramis+Ramirez+Miami+Marlins+v+Milwaukee+Brewers+cWHXj0JmGpMl

Jose+Reyes+Atlanta+Braves+v+Toronto+Blue+Jays+zYgP0LSpzt_xSS- Jose Reyes- Here is the best example of why you do not draft one or two category guys high when compiling your team if you can help it. Say what you will about the importance of SB’s, especially late, his 40/3/20/15/.320 stat line for the rest of the season (barring injury, again) is not going to mask the fact you drafted him in the second or third round and he missed 60 games.

ryan-braunOF- Ryan Braun– I thought it took huge stones when I saw owners grabbing Braun in the top 5 this year. Looking back it might just be a case of lunacy. All the turmoil surrounding him with the PED scandal, not having Corey Hart in the lineup and the injuries have extremely trumped any ideas of 1st round production. Here is another instance where you have a huge name that could bring back a huge return for the rest of this year and many more to come if you decided to move him.

OF- Josh Hamilton– So here are the pre-draft projections: 93/34/115/7/.293. Now here is where his current pace dictates him finishing: 84/24/68/5/.224. You drafted him in the second or third round, any questions?la-sp-angels-notes-20130505-001

OF- Matt Kemp– For me this is the biggest bust of the year and the stats back it up. It was supposed to be a phenomenal, possibly even a career season in LA for Kemp with all the big bats surrounding him, well, “supposed to” just broke the window, climbed out and is nowhere to be found. Reading off his current stats pace would be a strong argument, and his health an even better one. Though, the fact that shines the brightest to me is 57 hits in 224 AB’s. Something is clearly wrong here, and fantasy fans are bearing the grunt of this big time!images123

images5555OF- Bryce Harper– Sure, he could be the top fantasy player in the next few years, but it’s not this year, and frankly, it’s not even close.  On my leagues player rater he is currently ranked 111th, on ESPN’s site player rater he is currently ranked 100th. No matter how you slice it, this is not where you thought he would be at the All Star break. Harper raked in April, crushing nine bombs & eighteen a peace in RBI’s and R’s. Since then he has only accumulated 4/20/11 in those respected stats.

hi-res-153617063_crop_exactP-  Justin Verlander– Although his stats do not reflect that of a total waste, no one drafted Verlander to barely break the top 50 pitchers. That is why he is on the proverbial hot seat. He is a pretty good lock for 200K’s and 15W’s, but so is Justin Masterson….. I doubt that is who you were expecting with a 1st-2nd round pick. Unlike the rest of the players mentioned here this could be a time where you can buy low to help you in the future. Not saying you can steal him, but his price definitely has become much more affordable.

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