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“Brooklyn Sound”: Deadline

How quickly the year flies by. Seems like only yesterday we were talking about what kind of season Curtis Granderson would have, whether Verlander or Price would be the Cy Young coming out of the AL, and finally, if it could be possible that paying Josh Hamilton handsomely would actually be a great idea. Well, all the mentioned scenarios, plus many more played out in the first four months of the season. Anything we hoped, wanted, thought, and said have all been washed away by what really is. Your team looks the way the standings reflect, as the numbers solidify the amount of production you attained from your roster. This is the time when owners have to actually take an honest look at their teams, and like real MLB organizations, decipher whether they are buyers or sellers. Sure, we all hate to admit our genius fell short on success, but there comes a time when the facts have to be faced, and this is it. So here is a look at some guys who could be inherited as buys, and others who are primed for selling just in time for your leagues trading deadline.

Buyers Guide:

300px-Stephen_Strasburg_MLB_debutSteven Strasburg – P –  From any other standpoint besides wins, he is having a remarkable season. The intriguing sell point you can make for his services is exactly that very same statistic. People covet wins way too much, and this is a perfect example of how the underlying stats prove the total worth. I say why not use that to your advantage and make a play for one of the best pitchers in the game? Last year at this time the concern was the innings limit, this year it’s the wins. To me, all that means is that you have had several chances to get an ace for 75 cents on the dollar. Don’t pass it up this time around.

300px-Chris_Sale_on_August_9,_2011Chris Sale – P –  Another case of low win totals masking the true productivity of a starting pitcher. You would be hard pressed to find a starter this season more consistent and less familiar with the win column.  Well, apparently you do not need wins to be ranked 14th amongst pitchers, so best believe I would be trying to buy if the opportunity presented itself. With just six victories, Sale is someone who goes completely under the radar, unless you own him.

Kendrys Morales, A.J. PierzynskiKendrys Morales – 1B/DH –  Not a superstar caliber name like the aforementioned players, yet someone very useful for the remainder of the season. The price on Morales is extremely affordable, giving owners a more than decent chance at landing him if they were in need of a solid bat. 10-12 bombs certainly could help any team looking to penetrate the playoff race.

The Pawn Shop:

c4s_jennings090811_190218a_8colDesmond Jennings – OF –  It’s one thing to be constantly overhyped, it’s another when you are someone drafted in the middle rounds and barely break a .250 average. People pay a lot for steals, and they will pay for how many Jennings can give them for the remainder of the season. You honestly cannot keep this guy, but you can certainly get yourself a solid keeper in a trade based on his popularity.

images222222Hanley Ramirez – 3B –  He may be swinging one of the hottest sticks in baseball currently, though the question remains, how long does it last this time? Owners should love what Hanley is doing because it only creates a higher value for trade. You could get yourself a solid first rounder for next year based on his recent play. If your team is on the bottom, this makes even more sense.

 J960x595ose Altuve – 2B   I know how thin the player pool for productive second baseman can be, but then what’s the difference if you have someone there who does not steal you 26 bases, but you have two guys who steal 15 each and put up better stats in the HR, RBI, and Runs categories? You could get a very big name from a deal involving Altuve if you played it right. It seems very likely you could even upgrade at second base if you packaged him with another player. Either way, if you are in contention for the playoffs you should really be considering parting ways.

Take a look at your situation in the upcoming days and see if there are guys out there looking to deal players you have interest in. This is not the time to be lazy; it is the time for savvy and methodical aggression to put you on the best track to perform at the highest level amongst your competitors. Also, if you are bottom feeding in a keeper, try to find scenarios that will put you in good standings to start off next season. As we all know, it’s never too early to start planning for next year.

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