NFL predictions and fantasy predictions for 2013

Well ladies & gentlemen the football season is upon us and it is time for us to roll out our predictions for the season. Myself, Ben Wardi, Steve Krebs, and Andy Singleton will give our predictions for the real NFL and our predictions for best fantasy player at each position. Feel free to rip us to shreds if you do not agree.


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  1. I love reading predictions a full year later. When you make as many predictions as you did above, you are bound to be way off on a few guesses.

    My favorites:

    3 of you picked the Texans to win the AFC South.
    Ben picked Atlanta to win the SuperBowl.
    Corey picked RG-Me to win the NFL MVP.
    Steve picked Doug Martin to be the best fantasy RB.
    Andy picked Trent Richardson to be the best fantasy RB.

    If I posted as many predictions as you guys online, I’d have some pretty laughable picks too. But it’s all in fun.

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