Fantasy Sports Writers Wanted (NBA, NFL, MLB)

We are currently looking for two passionate fantasy sports writers for fantasy basketball this season. The type of individual will be a naturally passionate NBA fan with some writing experience. Experience in fantasy basketball DSCF4191leagues is a must. If you are unfamiliar with Major League Fantasy Sports I will give you a description. I hatched the concept for our community back in late 2007. The first step in the plan for our fantasy sports community was to develop our own unique fantasy money leagues with a realistic approach to roster size, depth, and major emphasis on decision-driven results. We accomplished that in baseball & football in 2010 after testing out our models through several seasons. We have started our first basketball league this year that will have that same idea in mind. We launched our own websites starting with our word press site in December of 2011. That was followed quickly by our Facebook page, Twitter page, You Tube Channel, Google+ baseball, Google+ Football, and Google+ basketball. You can find direct links to one of our 7 leagues on the home page of our word press site, in the menu section along the top of the page, if you are curious enough to look.

Wilson_American_footballThis year we have experienced a fantastic amount of growth. Since January 1st, 2013 we have grown from roughly 125 followers to now over 4,000 and on pace for 5,000 by years end. We went from one baseball and two football leagues to now three baseball, three football, and one basketball league. We also added six new authors to the crew and we have an editor that will review your writing if needed. We have had several of the big name daily fantasy sites offer a marketing partnership, for which I politely declined. We had a company out of California attempt to buy the name, or at the very least get my permission to use a close replica, and again I declined any offer or relationship. I have a great group of owners that play in our leagues, and the writers we currently have are very good, and most importantly provide in-depth fantasy sports rankings & opinions. I would suggest any that are interested to read my vision article I did earlier this year to explain more details of what we are trying to accomplish.

I would like to wrap up by describing the type of person that would fit into the group. Someone who has a natural paintings-basketball-johnrobertsonpassion for writing, has some writing experience, loves fantasy sports, lives up to their word, is looking for a place to build their writing portfolio, is easy to work with, and who has the time to put forth a quality piece. At the moment I would like to add two basketball writers who can add some unique content for our owners and followers to read. I want to make sure its clear that we are a free site, so we cannot pay our writers. I run and pay out of my own pocket for the site fees, advertising for articles, and I am also getting the name trade marked. So all you need to provide is an open mind and a great passion for writing, and I will do the rest.

If this sounds like something that is right up your alley, we can start with a phone call and go from there.

Corey D Roberts

Major League Fantasy Sports Creator


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  1. Hey Corey I would like to try my hand at some bball writing

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. ok sounds good, i will be available later today maybe around 3/4 pm est to have a little chat

  3. Make it as close to 4pm as possible. I have an appointment that should wrap up by 3-3:30pm. Look forward to chatting Joe.

  4. thats fine if you would rather give me a ring when your done that works 216-406-5330

  5. I’m totally your guy!!! Been playing fantasy basketball and football forever now. I love to write, and I have a small portfolio of papers I published in college, and have been blogging fantasy on and off since then too. Check out my new blog:

    Give me a shout – or (don’t wanna put my phone number in comments)

  6. Hey Corey I would still like to give bball writing a shot if possible

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