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        My name is Chase Jacobs. I have played fantasy football for ten years. Picking up this hobby was a key to making several excellent friends and learning more about the greatest sport on earth. Prefacing who I am, I was the precocious seven-year old reading the newspaper on the bus ride to school. I was the kid who knew everybody in Madden and had a hard time playing if the rosters weren’t right. You might call it Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), but I call it a lifelong commitment to this incredible game. The game that glorifies the underdog and rips apart the lazy. The game that brought a father and son together playing video games, and tossing the pigskin around the yard.

        Come with me on a journey to the heart of America’s beautiful game. The center of a seventy billion dollar industry known as fantasy football is a thriving evolution. A progressive & comprehensive approach that reveals friends’ true personalities, and separates the enthusiasts from the hardcore. “Dynasty” fantasy football is the graduation of fantasy players. Grueling seasons, one right after another. Trades and waiver wire exchanges may move players, but if you can find the right group, the right commissioner, then a legendarily fun club of enterprising stat freaks can be yours to be apart of.

        Understanding how I write is paramount, I cut to what dynasty owners need. I know my audience, whether it pertains to you is up to you. I’m here to inform and illuminate, not to spin information and muddle facts. I’ve been contributing to fantasy sites for a couple of years and I’ve seen pieces that run in circles. I hope you enjoy what I have to say and it helps you win money.
        Everybody paying attention to offseason moves in the NFL is excited about the prospects ofMontee Ball. The real winner ofKnowshon Moreno moving to Miami is none other than CJ Anderson. Ball becomes the immediate beneficiary, but he was going to get carries regardless. Anderson will be the more preferable Denver back due to his current assessed value throughout the fantasy football world right now (Ranging between RB 70-125 in major dynasty prognosticators).Treat 2013 as a dialogue of fantasy owners and what can be had in Denver’s running game. Moreno had a whopping 52% of Denver’s 461 carries during an incredibly successful campaign that saw him average 4.3 yards per rush and rack up 538 yards in receiving. Enter new starter Ball, who is a significantly less talented pass catcher and has some astounding miles put on him during his collegiate career. Can Ball stay healthy and productive throughout an NFL season? It remains to be seen, but the percentage of carries will almost certainly will drop and without an emerging third stringer, Anderson will almost certainly soak up 2013 backup’s 26%, third stringer Ronnie Hillman’s (Who has struggled mightily as of late and may not make the 2014 roster) 12% and some of the departed Moreno’s  carries as well. As of now, a statistician would probably wager the former Cal bear will garner 32-40% of 2014’s carries if he stays healthy and out of coach John Fox’s doghouse.CJAnderson2
      The enemies to acquiring Anderson are clear as present as of now. Ball’s emergence and a dominant season will fade CJ’s chances of improving carry numbers and targets out of the backfield. The probability of Ronnie Hillman playing his way out of Fox’s fumble jail will be slim, but considering the Broncos spent a third round draft pick on the former Aztec will help his chances. Every sign points to CJ Anderson being able to gain ground on a platoon situation as long he can stay healthy and provide signs that he is the hard-hitting back they kept around despite a devastating injury during last year’s preseason. Other than Anderson suffering another injury, May’s draft providing another running back to the Bronco’s mix would be another wildcard, but I highly doubt we will see anything higher than the 5-6th rounds, if any.There are undeniable benefits to playing with Peyton Manning for any running back. Any touches will immediately result in production. Knowshon’s career year is a great example of Manning’s effect on mediocre to solid backs. Joseph Addai, a former recipient of Peyton’s handoffs turned his very mediocre prowess running the football into a short-lived, but decent career that swelled to a Pro Bowl appearance in 07. Anderson’s tapes and stats at Cal are an indication that he is a superior athlete and talent and will thrive when given the opportunity.The end game for the Broncos is that Anderson will become an effective part of their running arsenal and will gain an effective share of the load. The 5’8 224 lb running back is explosive and features a dynamic one-cut style that is rarely brought down after initial contact. This bowling ball reminds me of Michael Turner and should be a fairly productive back if he can stay healthy and maintain possession. The undrafted free agent should be in line for a break out season.

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  1. Well said partner. I have to agree that CJ Anderson is due for a big showing this year. He was whispered about last season, but due to their pushing of Moreno he didn’t quite see the action he should have. Rest assured, they don’t have much faith in Montee Ball due to his fumbling issues, so Anderson will have a chance to show whether he’s the real deal or not.
    On overall ranking, I think I would have him around RB36ish (give or take depending on off-season changes)

  2. Good to hear support on the issue. RB36 is about right for me as well.

  3. At the end of the day its all about what you think and can you support your theories. I think you did that Chase. Well done my friend.

  4. I’ve learned that a lot of fantasy football readers comment only if feedback is negative. The attention/emails/support are there along with viewership. MLFS contributors: Until we are sipping Pina Coladas on a Yacht paid for by our uber-writing skills, this is all a learning process.


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