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NFL Draft Tweetcast —> 745 ET Football guys Chase Jacobs and Ryan Ingram will host MajorLeagueFantasySports first NFL Draft Tweetcast. Feel free to stop by and join in the hijinx.



@chasehunterj >>> Chase Jacobs

@ryanraze >>> Ryan Ingram





  1. Ryan Ingram

    May 8, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    True story, though I am a little upset I wasn’t invited to the Pirate Party 🙁

  2. Ben W

    May 9, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Interesting Draft overall thus far. Here my thoughts:
    1.) Jadaveon Clowney- Was there ever any doubt he wouldn’t go number 1. The Texans just need top give him playing time to reach his potential.
    2.) Greg Robinson- Matthews would have been the safer pick, but Bradford gets some much needed QB protection. Robinson could be the best tackle from the class in 2 seasons. Very athletic, great upside.
    3.) Bortles is the best QB in this draft. Built like Big Ben, and has the potential to be as accurate as Drew Brees. He may not be Brees, but this kid could be special. Can the Jaguars get him some protection and receivers now? They should go WR in rd 2, or OT.
    4.) The Bills gave a ton up to grab the best WR in the class, and if Manuel can stay heal;thy, Manuel-Watkins will be very dynamic. The run game is pretty good, but the Bills should look at RB in round 2 or 3.
    5.) I wish Mack fell to the Falcons, but Mack gives the Raiders a much needed pass rusher who will disrupt plays early and often. This defense will be on the field a ton this season until the offense improves.
    6.) Falcons finally get the tackle they need to protect Matt Ryan. Without Matthews, it is doubtful Manziel would have enjoyed the success he did. Matthews saved Manziel time and time again.
    22.) Johnny Manziel- I hope Manziel enjoys turf burn, because unless he becomes a better pocket passer and reader, he’ll spend a ton of time scrambling and getting smacked. The breathtaking plays won’t occur in the NFL; defenses (most) are too talented and disciplined to let body surfs happen.
    32.) Teddy Bridgewater- I had a feeling the Vikings would end up with him, just wasn’t sure where. He had a bad combine and has small hands, but Russell Wilson proved that the game is evolving. Teddy is a better scrambler than credited for, and with some improved arm strength and training, he could be the 2nd best QB in this draft class behind Bortles.
    I expect rounds 2 and 3 to see a few trades, and 2 more QBs to be taken off the board in rd 2. Carr SHOULD go to Houston, and Garoppolo will find his way onto a team in 2nd (Raiders) that has QB questions. He could start Week 1. The kid is tough as nails and is one of my biggest sleeper QBs in the draft. Murray is the biggest sleeper.
    The 1st RB (will likely be Sankey, but I have Carey and Mason above him) will be taken in the 2nd round I predict by Tennessee or Jacksonville. JAX could also go a receiver (Lee or Adams).

    Will post my thoughts tomorrow on res 2-3. Also hit my Twitter handle at MetalhammerBen.

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