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2 New Leagues opening for Major League Fantasy Football 2014

For those of you fantasy football fanatics looking for a real challenge that includes the feel of daily fantasy with a season long approach, Major League Fantasy Football is a good fit for you. We have a uniquely designed roster formula that includes an 11 man IDP squad. This is broken down as 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, and 1 flex. The league is designed to look and feel more like an NFL roster. Prognosticating your match ups is key, along with having good drafting skills. What is missing in most football leagues is sufficient depth, so what you end up with is a top-heavy system that puts WAYYYY too much emphasis on the top players. In our leagues, however, if you lose your top player you are by no means out of it for the year. The last time I checked football is a team sport. You’ll have massive flexibility in that if you want to build a strong defense and an average offense you will have the option to do so in our leagues. I do not think anyone would argue that the best defense in the NFL pounded the best offense in the Super Bowl. I would have to admit my favorite part of our leagues is the defense. It adds a whole new level of fun and excitement. Imagine you are playing your opponent for that week and your match up is within a few points going into Monday. Now lets say you are up a few points and your opponent has the starting QB from team A and you have the starting CB and DT from the opposing team. The real NFL game is close and your match up is still tight and then the QB throws a pick 6 or your DT gets a strip sack, forced fumble returned for a TD guaranteeing you the win. I won a championship in MLFF2 in 2012 in a scenario similar to this. It was sick!

Do you have what it takes to win?

Do you have what it takes to win?

These are 12 teams, 3 keepers, 7 playoff teams, 29 man roster money leagues, with our own unique scoring formula that I have designed over the last 8 years. The big key is scoring your defensive players in a way that all positions have an impact as they would in the game. It is not a tackle driven system. While tackles do score you points, the emphasis is on impact plays that have a major effect in the NFL contests. Offensively speaking, most fantasy leagues are so poorly calculated that it rewards too much for counting stats, but almost nothing for turnovers! HUH? I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the last time I checked turnovers KILL you in the game. Why in the world would a turnover only cost you 1 or 2 points and a TD nets you 4 or 6 (most standard formats score it this way)? Our system is tried, tested, and logical. I have an absolute blast playing in these leagues myself and they are designed to be excruciatingly competitive with no scoring model loopholes.

We are a growing fantasy community that provides free in-depth analysis for our owners and the public at large. We will be launching our radio show in June that we are tentatively planning for Sundays and Mondays. Our first show will air on June the 5th. I will be providing direct links on our site here for you to listen to us if you are so inclined.

The 2 new leagues will have different buy-ins associated with them. Major League Fantasy Football 4 will be a $200 buy-in per team, with a FAAB budget of $100 for the year. $100 is for your owner fee and the other $100 is your bank for the FAAB. Major League Fantasy Football 5 will have a $500 buy, with a $200 FAAB budget. $300 is for your owner fee and the other $200 is for the FAAB. In Major League Fantasy Football 5 we will also be awarding $100 per week to the owner with the most total points for 13 regular season weeks. All of the funds collected are dispersed in payouts minus the $80 site fee and the $70 marble plaque. That money is just deducted from the total prize pool. Click here to review percentages in the pay out structure along with trading rules, and regulations.

There are certain requirements for playing in Major League Fantasy Football. You must have sufficient experience in fantasy football to compete in these leagues. We will not allow anyone in that does not. We require your age to be over 21 to be a part of the leagues. You MUST provide a phone number to me and your league mates. Communication is the key to any community. Please fill out the form below and I will contact you soon (Any forms without a phone number will not be contacted). You can also contact me directly if you prefer.

Corey D Roberts




Owner and creator of Major League Fantasy Sports. We will provide you with the best tools to be successful in your leagues no matter if it's daily, seasonal, or expert driven!

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