“Powell Gets Defensive” Hardcore IDP Dynasty Leagues

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 The growth of individual defensive players in dynasty football is very much on the rise, as is the many different styles of leagues with these players.  Many leagues just dabble, using a DL, LB, DB only; others maybe spread out to DT, DE, LB, S, CB. The hardcore IDP player though enjoys leagues that offer multiple players at all positions, making it just as difficult to find quality defensive players as offensive players. The best layout for defense would be one tackle, two ends, four linebackers, two cornerbacks, two safeties, and one utility giving the defense just  as much importance as offense. If you are one of those hardcore players, or want to be, then majorleaguefantasysports.com  is the place to be.

The IDP leagues that are the most enjoyable have at 10 to 12 starting slots for defensive players, and managers have to keep a few bench positions filled with quality backups at least at linebacker and defensive end.  Just as with the offense, there are positions which have much more importance than others, meaning quality goes down very quickly after the first few are off the board.  Defensive end and linebacker are the most important slots to fill early. Getting a J. J. Watt or Robert Quinn can be just as important as getting Jimmy Graham as your tight end. Quality linebackers can be just as scarce as three down running backs and you need at least four of them, as opposed to maybe two running backs.  Defensive tackles usually score the least in an IDP dynasty, but there is also a great drop off after the first four guys are taken.

Safety and cornerback are possibly the positions to hold off selecting until the back end of your draft.  I have had great success with finding quality week to week on the waiver wire, looking for matchups that can be exploited.  Last year, finding those players who were either going up against Eli Manning or Matt Schaub worked very well for me.  Players who are going against a rookie quarterback are targets also.

If you are lucky to get involved in startup dynasty this season that values defense at least as much as offense, you need to have a foundation defensive end and linebacker in your first seven picks, adding at least an additional linebacker by pick 10.  Of course, different league sizes and draft position can greatly affect how you build your team and in future weeks we will delve into 32 team, 20 team, 16 team and 12 team IDP dynasty and how to build your best roster.

Majorleaguefantasysports.com has a great staff of knowledgeable writers and hardcore players who are more than willing to answer any questions you have involving dynasty football. Comments and questions are always welcomed and encouraged.


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  1. You say that getting a JJ Watt is almost equivalent to signing Jimmy Graham. To me, Jimmy Graham is a clear cut first round choice. So I ask, are you saying that JJ Watt should be a first round or second round pick? I know that everything is based around draft position, but maybe for those who are just starting to get into a more hardcore IDP league; you could provide some draft strategy? The website is gaining popularity, and with that popularity we’ll see more people come here who are wanting to know more about more hardcore IDP leagues.

    Maybe one of your articles could focus on that so we can keep those we’ve lured in.

    • I absolutely believe that. For a couple years, Graham and Gronk were 1st tier tight ends without any equal as far as dynasty. Now it can be said for Watt and Robert Quinn, except these guys are 25 and under. The drop off after these guys are just as severe as it is after Graham and Gronk in almost any league. When drafting, we have to look at the consequence of the player we are drafting. Are there other similar players that we can get later? Or do we fall off a cliff if we miss out on that guy? While we can target upside guys, we pretty much know what all 4 of these guys can do when healthy and I would argue that getting a Watt or Quinn will help your dynasty every bit as much or more than Graham or a healthy Gronk. The larger the league, the more importance also, especially if you only have 1 starting TE and 2 starting DE on a roster.

      • Depends on the settings, and how tackles and sacks are scored. If it’s 1 point/tackle and 3 points/sack, then of course Watt and Quinn should be the 1st IDPs off the board, but if you keep the tackles at 1 and reduce sacks to 2 points, then you could argue that Kuechly could be 1st IDP off the boards. The guy is also under 25 and completely nuts. The sacks will come with Kuech. Spending a 1st round pick on an IDP I’m not sure on.

  2. I don’t think I ever recommended that you spend your first round pick on a DE in a startup IDP. But I do believe in the possibility of taking a Watt or Quinn in the same areavi might take Graham. If some would take Graham in the first then no. But in a larger size league, you need your foundation RB and QB first. I don’t think that the 3rd round would be too early to think about it though. Again the owner choosing the player has to know their scoring system, but in many leagues the dropoff from Watt and Quinn is the same or more than the dropoff from Graham. And they are younger by at least 2 years. Many times you only need 1 TE but 2 DE.

  3. That’s pretty interesting Kevin. I’m a bit surprised to see DE’s going so high. I imagine, when leagues start, it will be a very big wake up call at how valuable certain defensive players are. Very interesting.

  4. 16 Team 1st year Dynasty draft. PPR. Tackles 2pts, assisted tackles .5pts, Sacks 4pts. We Start 3 RB and 1 Flex. 1 QB. 4WR and a TE…..on the D side. 3DL, 3LB and 1 Flex along with 4DB. —- i feel LB will be just as important as the RB. McCoy and Charles seem to be the only 2 RB to take top 6. Would it be far fetched to select KUECHLY at the 6 SPOT? he is young and a stud. After reading your article i think a top LB could be a smart play since so many other RB are suspect. Players to target at the 6? — all responses are appreciated.

  5. With Tackles being 2 points, a player like Kuechly could top well over 100 tackles, but you have to hope that most are unassisted, as assisted tackles lose 75% of value over unassisted. Last year 63 of his 156 tackles were assisted, and did not add much in sacks. Lavonte David is also very young and had 107 unassisted tackles plus 7 sacks, probably outscoring Kuechly by 25 % last season by looking at the scoring system you provided. You probably can find quality young linebackers later, as well as wide receivers, but in a 16 team league, you almost have to get a running back at 6. At pick 27, you would still need 3 backs, and there would be 3 huge holes in your lineup to fill and nothing for you to fill them. I have lots of articles where I hit on defensive talent that give you good bang for the buck at every position without giving up the farm to get Kuechly too early. At your sot in the draft, 1st -RB, 2nd WR/QB , 3rd OB/WR. so first 3 rounds are RB, WR, QB. Fourth round, maybe Quinn or Watt at DL, at DL, you forget the tackle position, as they just don’t score, maybe by round 6 or 7, look at linebackers, there are some good up and coming guys this year and then everyone will be reaching for offensive talent.

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