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“Jaws Of Doom” — Official PF Rankings 2014/2015

Rebounds are the foundation of a good fantasy team, lock them up early and build your team around them.  Early in the draft I prefer conventional style big guys who can give you solid rebounding, scoring, blocks, and fg% with consistency. Consistency is the key here if you want this to be your team’s backbone, don’t take injury prone players or guys who are soft in the paint. I do like stretch 4’s as well, they can give you a nice comparative advantage, but you don’t need more one and you don’t need to take one early.  Defense is another important issue at this position, unlike smaller players PF/C’s can amass both steals and blocks. You absolutely cannot win defensive categories without strong output from your bigmen. For this reason it’s acceptable to sacrifice scoring to get good defense — you can always add scoring off waivers, you can’t do that with steals and blocks.

LaMarcus Aldridge, Manu Ginobili

Tier 1:

1. Anthony Davis

If he stays healthy Brow may end up being the #1 overall players this season. He’s good for a double double, 20/10 every night, with better than 50% shooting.  Add that to the fact that he’s the best defensive player in the NBA, featuring numbers (2.8 blocks and 1.3 steals) that look more like a dissociative hallucination than a nightly stat-line. There are only about 5 players in the league who average better than 1stl/1blk per game, and Brow is the president of this club. It’s also nice that he shoots 80% from the line.  Ultimately there isn’t much left to say, he’s the best player not named LeBron.

2. LaMarcus Aldridge

Another double double machine, Aldridge has a beautifully polished offensive game that’s nearly impossible to stop, I full expect him to reproduce his 23 and 11 numbers from last season.  While he only shoots 45% from the field, he does give you a helpful 82% from the line, which is nice for a big guy.  Defensively he doesn’t have a unibrow, but he just missed joining the 1/1 D club (0.9stl, 1blk) last season, meaning he can help you there too.

3. Serge Ibaka

Serge is a prime example of when it’s ok to sacrifice some scoring to gain some defense. 15 points per game isn’t elite by any standard, but it’s not going to hurt you either. But you just can’t get 2.7 blocks per game anywhere else, that’s a huge vertical advantage that your competition won’t be able to compensate for. It’s also nice that he takes good shoots, scoring at close to 54% efficiency.

4. Blake Griffin

Blake scores a ton (24.1), and does so very efficiently (52.8%); he’s also good for a double double most nights (9.5rbds).  The word on the street is that he spent all off-season improving his mid/long range game, and if he can suddenly knock down the deep shot, he’ll be an offensive terror in the Western Conference. He also plays good defense (1.2stl), but it’d be nice if he could block a few more shots. In Blake’s defense DeAndre probably hogs paint defensively, but that’s small consolation for fantasy owners; nevertheless the increased range pushes Griffin into the top 5.

5. Kevin Love

It’ll be interesting to see how LeBron will effect KLove’s game. I don’t think his rebounds will suffer, he’ll still be good for about 10 per night, but I do think his assist numbers will dip from 4.4 to around 3 per game.  Regardless of LeBron however, Love will still have a sweet stroke from deep and will provide strong scoring numbers. It’d be nice if he played more aggressive defense however. Ultimately his lack of D, and the uncertainty he may somehow transform into Chris Bosh keeps him at the bottom of the top 5.

Tier 2

6. Paul Millsap

Somehow Millsap remains one of the NBA’s most underrated players, even with Big Al Horford back Millsap remains an elite fantasy asset in my mind. Prominently, he’s another member of the very  exclusive 1/1 D club, posting 1.7stl and 1.1blk last season. So while his scoring will likely be down, closer to 16 rather than last season’s 18, his defense, rebounding (8.5), and new found ability to shoot three (I love when players add to their repertoire) keeps him very valuable.

7. Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk’s a first ballot hall of famer, treat him as such.

8. Thaddeus Young

Coming off of his best season and filling Kevin Love’s old role, Thad should have a big season.  He plays great defense (2.1stl) but it’d be nice if he could pull down a few more boards (6.0 rbds).  Either way, he’ll have the opportunity to be a difference maker for the Twolves and your fantasy team.

9. Kenneth Faried

Faried is an absolute beast and hustles harder than anyone for his double doubles (13.7 and 8.6), and near 1/1 defense. Faried is on the US national team for a reason, and he’s only getting better offensively.

Tier 3


10. Zach Randolph

11. David Lee

12. Greg Monroe

13. Jared Sullinger

14. David Lee

15. Ryan Anderson

16. David West

17. Pau Gasol

18.  Tim Duncan


All of these guys are great mid-round values for their double-double potential. Lee and Anderson are injury risks. Gasol, West, Duncan, and Randolph are getting older but haven’t slowed down that much, just be aware of old man risk.  Monroe’s starting job is in question but he’ll still get minutes, he’s simply too talented to ignore – Stan Van Gundy will find a way to get him involved. I think Sullinger is in for a breakout and could be a nice grab later in the draft. What these guys lack, as opposed to the top tier guys, is elite level defense or three point ability. They’re missing that x factor and/or come with some added risk, but still qualify as essential building blocks because of their scoring and rebounding consistency. Ryan Anderson is the exception to that assessment here, he can be a top 10 PF if he’s healthy due to his ability to hit the 3.

Tier 4

19. Nene Hilario

20. Markieff Morris

21. Carlos Boozer

22. Taj Gibson

23. Ersan Ilysova

24. Tristan Thompson

25. Terrance Jones

26. Draymond Green

27. Amir Johnson

28. Aaron Gordon

29. Julius Randle

30. Boris Diaw

Nene can’t rebound, but he plays good defense so you have to balance out that risk and benefit. Boozer isn’t the player he used to be, I’ll probably be staying away from him this year.  Taj and Tristian Thompson suffer from wild inconsistency, and Ilysova is talented but has a hard time staying on the floor.  Aaron Gordon and Julius Randle are exciting prospects and could find themselves in the 3rd tier by the end of the season. Draymond Green and Terrance Jones are potential breakout candidates but their ceilings are capped by rule of being on stacked teams. Boris Diaw makes the cut for being the most unathletic athlete since Shawn Bradley, though still more effective than Bradley.

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