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Major League Fantasy Baseball 2015 – League Openings/Writer Openings

Are you a fantasy baseball enthusiast? Do you count the days to the next season the day the playoffs are complete? Are you sick of easily manipulated scoring systems? Do dead owners and inactivity irritate you? How about those sneaky little colluders and guys that try to own more than one team?

If any of those things above give you heart burn, then we may be a good fit for you. We are a growing communityBlurry Hitter of fantasy owners and writers that are looking for other people to compete with us. We pride ourselves on communication, which creates camaraderie and those great rivalries we all love. We have a lot going on with us at the moment and in the very near future will include our own software programs. Our live baseball radio show will be back starting on Sunday February 15th, 2015, running from 7pm-8:30pm EST and every Sunday thereafter through the middle of September with our sponsor Sports Palooza Radio. We will take live callers for a portion of the show as well. Our writing staff will be starting our in-depth fantasy baseball research on Sunday February 1st, 2015. They will tackle every single aspect of fantasy baseball from many different perspectives. Dynasty, Daily, Keeper, Roto, H2H, and most importantly our own unique Major League Fantasy Baseball models. This will be a major leg up for new owners who haven’t played with us before, as well as our current community. The staff will consist of six writers, who will have fresh info for you six days a week. We are looking for the 6th writer for the staff, so contact me with a resume if you are interested. A requirement is you must also be an owner. It would be hard to educate our community if you didn’t understand it, right?

The history of Major League Fantasy Sports (Baseball, Football, Basketball) goes back to 2007 when I started my first football league. I followed that up by adding baseball in 2008. I started in December of 2011, and the YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter in January 2012. We added Tumblr, Google+, and StumbledUpon in early 2013. We started the Baseball and Football radio shows this year, which have been pretty successful.

My goal was to create a more realistic system that strips out as much of the blind luck as possible from the leagues. I also want to provide a league that lends itself to more realistic roster creation, team management, tradeanalyze rules, and most importantly a parity system that creates a better overall community. Ever played in a league where a handful of guys quit about halfway through because they lost one or two players? I am sure everyone has. Nothing is more irritating than playing one of those guys who quit early in the year and then have the team they dumped cost you a playoff spot after they quit. This system does not penalize the good teams whatsoever, it simply provides the ability for struggling teams based on injuries/suspensions to compete. Think of our systems like this – Dynasty depth in a small keeper format, with a daily fantasy feel, wrapped up into a full season. I love the combination. If you draft a smoker and get fortunate that you don’t suffer any key injuries, you can compete in our leagues. If you are unfortunate on the key injury side, the depth of the league and scoring formula will provide you the opportunity to compete. If you have a horrible draft, you can play the wire and trade markets to make up for lack of player production. You can trade a draft pick for the following season to a team loaded with talent and recover that way. Tons and tons of flexibility.

The type of owner we are looking for is someone who is committed and is an unflinching competitor. If that is you, then your personality is a perfect fit.

Please watch the YouTube video below for league details. I have been doing this long enough that I am pretty sure I can hit all the key questions you may have. I also provided a contact form below that will be emailed to me so nobody else can see your info, in case you were concerned about that. My contact info will be at the very bottom of the page. Contact me directly with other questions I did not answer here. Step one will be a phone call interview. Thank you for taking time to consider us.

Our leagues will be starting on January 1st and there are only 8 openings in the 5 leagues.




Corey D Roberts 

Major League Fantasy Sports


317.603.9434 cell

Owner and creator of Major League Fantasy Sports. We will provide you with the best tools to be successful in your leagues no matter if it's daily, seasonal, or expert driven!



  1. Corey D Roberts

    December 16, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Our Leagues will be starting on January 1st.

  2. Corey D Roberts

    December 18, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    6 Teams remaining.

  3. Corey D Roberts

    December 19, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    4 teams remaining.

  4. Corey D Roberts

    January 15, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    We have 3 spots open in MLFF3. All other leagues are filled.

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