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2017 League Openings-Major League Fantasy Baseball

I started designing fantasy sports models back in 2007. After many years of testing out scoring formulas, roster formulas, trading rules, and scheduling concepts we have one of the best systems available. With our scoring formula in our category leagues we have created a system that will not only test your ability to draft, but day-to-day management is just as important. We have also stretched out the player pool to make some of the best middle relief pitchers in the game usable, and impactful on your rosters with our “Holds + Inherited Runners Stranded” category. We dscf4191implemented this category into our formula back in 2014. When you build a bullpen in our leagues they literally look like a MLB bullpen. This also minimizes one of the frustrating things in your standard leagues which is closers. Closers still carry plenty of value here, but they are not over valued like in your traditional standard formulas.

Our leagues are 16 teams, H2H categories, H2H points, 4 keepers, 26 man rosters, and our unique points league scheduling concept in which you play every team every week. The nice thing about that concept is you strip out the blind luck of the schedule. So you are literally every week trying to score as many points as possible which creates a flurry of activity. Our category leagues are traditional scheduling.

We also have our own unique trading system we created in 2010 that works well for everyone equally. We also added a “trade arbitration committee” back in 2013 for the owners should the commish veto their deal. We have a professional arbiter in this committee that plays in our leagues as well. We also have independent commissioners in MLFB2 and MLFB3 which are the 2 leagues that we are looking for a couple of people in. The teams that are available are marked “no owner.”

Another unique feature of our community is the live fantasy baseball radio shows which will start back up in early February. We will have some industry legends like Lenny Melnick and Ron Shandler come on to chat with our community from time to time. We will also have coaches from our community, our writers, and other industry people on as well.

The most important thing we want from our new members is to be a part of the community with us. Communication is a staple in our community which creates a much more enjoyableimage-1-2 experience. We had a bunch of guys get together from across the country to attend the Indianapolis 500 in May of 2015. That should give you an idea of what I mean by community. Trust me when I say, “we had a blast.”

The first step of joining our community is for us to have a discussion over the phone to ascertain if we are a good fit for you, and you for us. Please fill out the form below which will be sent to me privately. Make sure you have a working phone number in the form and the information is correct. My personal contact information will be listed below so if you want to reach out to me directly feel free to do so.

Corey D Roberts

Community Creator


Owner and creator of Major League Fantasy Sports. We will provide you with the best tools to be successful in your leagues no matter if it’s daily, seasonal, or expert driven!


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