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Let's start it out this way "All I do is Win" Wheather it's in coaching, fantasy sports, and in life. My philosophy is if you have the work ethic to prepare yourself to be successful, there is a good chance you will have the potential to have that success. Which my "All I do is Win" comment is a huge part of my success in life and my career. I have been a Teacher, and Coach for Basketball, Baseball, and Football for the past 22 years. Starting at the age of 17 I was realizing my passion for sports ,and how I can influence and provide that passion to others. So I continued to be involved with Sports by playing College Basketball and Baseball. After my second year in college, I developed two injuries that basically ended my playing of sports in College. I tore my right Rotator Cuff, Labrum, and Bicep tendon ,and being a pitcher it ended up being a long rehab process, and then I tore my MCL in my left knee which ended my basketball at the collegiate level. So I decided to focus my attention on my education. I have a College degree in Teaching Education and Sports Coaching. At the beginning of my career I coached everything I could. I was Head Boys Basketball Coach, Assistant Girls Basketball Coach, Head Baseball Coach, and Junior High Football Coach. Plus I was teaching 6 different classes (Psychology, Western Civilization (both were AP or College credit), Health, Physical Education, U.S History, and Weightlifting/Sports Acceleration. After four years working with that School my teams turned out to be very successful. Qualified for Regional Tournaments in Boys Basketball and Won 4 Consecutive Regular Season Championships in Baseball, and I got the honor of being named Coach of the Year for each of those seasons. Then I got offered a Head Boys Basketball Coaching Job at a school which was a part of the highest Basketball Classification in the state, and it was my Alma Mater. With that my teaching role changed to 5 classes per day, Also with the change I only had to teach 1 class World Regional Geography-Current Events. My Challenge was the basketball team was coming off 3 losing seasons in a row, not even qualifying for the Regional Tournament (which your ultimate goal is to advance to the state tournament or win a state championship). So I spent my next 5 years trying to reach the highest of accomplishments and turning my Alma Mater into a successful basketball program. Now we were one of the smallest of the highest division in the state. In those 5 years we not only qualified for the Regional Tournament, but we advanced to the State Tournament 4 times in 5 Years. Also winning either the Regional Tournament or Regional Conference 3 out of the 5 years. We turned the basketball program into a power house in the state. We won the State consolation championship 2 times. 4th place, and 7th place. Didn't win our ultimate goal ,but we felt we reached our potential which was the success I was looking for. In that time we also produced the state winner of the highest awards for a player receiving Mr.Basketball Award for the State,and State player of the year (Travis Mertens). I received the honor of winning Coach of the year during the 2005-2006 season. Biggest turn around, I felt was the factor of making the players believe they can be successful, but success doesn't just happen, it takes lots and lots of work and repetition. Players saw the progress, and every season it started to become tradition ( Work hard - Believe in your Team - Reach Potential = SUCCESS). Next I was offered the Head Boys Basketball job at one of the bigger schools in the State, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I built at my Alma Mater, and I loved the town I was in. Also the school I was offered the job at only made the State Tournament 1 time in the last 13 years. So it would become the process of what it takes to turn another Basketball program. Anyway I was up to the challenge, biggest thing in turning around this program was again building that confidence in the players ,and also very important was to teach them mental toughness. So I started the process by building confidence inside the players thoughts. By getting them to understand if you want to have success at anything in life, ITS GOING TO TAKE HARD WORK & REPETITION. So from 2007 until 2015 the basketball program became a state power. In those 8 years we accomplished the highest of all goals and broke a lot of records along the way. We won the Regional Conference Season 3 times and won the Regional Tournament 3 times. So we made the state tournament 6 out of the 8 seasons. (lost by a last second shot or would have been 7 out of 8 years). We ended up winning 1 State Championship, 2 State Consolation Championships, 2 3rd Place finishes, and 1 7th place finish at the State Tournament. Produced 3 candidates for the State Mr.Basketball award ( Mack Arvidson, Mac Kroeplin, and Chad Bartosh) Mack Arvidson did win Gatorade player of the year. I received the biggest honor any Coach would want, that was to be a State Champion, and the privilege to lead the way turning a Basketball program into Champions. Also with the broken records on the court, the team received the State Athletic Academic Award every season that I coached. To me that was SUCCESS at all levels. Which brings me back to my opening statement "All I do is Win", I worked extremely hard to reach the highest of goals. I give all my players and parents all the credit, I just needed to lead a great group of people. Now how this relates with fantasy sports ,which I have been heavily involved with since we had to write the line ups on paper , and search the newspaper for the final scoring or results. In any sport football, basketball, baseball or whatever it may be, there is always strategy involved with the game. Many different things need to be figured into fantasy sports. I could write about several different aspects and strategies about fantasy sports. And I will in due time. The key is PASSION. Everything I do is worth doing ,so the word I use in regards to Fantasy Sports is PASSION + SUCCESS = "ALL I DO IS WIN"