MLFS League Openings/Archive

1/29/2017     2017 MLFS Fantasy Baseball Itinerary

12/31/2017   Major League Fantasy Football 2017 League Openings

11/30/2016   Are you looking for a great writing opportunity? Looking for two or three baseball writers to join the staff for 2017.

11/7/2016     2017 League Openings-Major League Fantasy Baseball

9/8/2016      Lenny Melnick FSTA Hall of Fame Petition

8/19/2016    League Openings Major League Fantasy Basketball 2016/2017

4/6/2016      Are you looking for a more exciting Fantasy Football experience in 2016?

2/5/2016      Do you want a more exciting Fantasy Football experience in 2016?

12/5/2015     2016 Openings-Major League Fantasy Baseball

7/21/2015     Are you looking for better competition and league structure? If not, you should be.

5/4/2015      Are you looking for an exciting writing opportunity? MLFS is looking for two football writers to join our staff for 2015.

1/19/2015     Are you looking for an exciting writing opportunity? MLFS is looking for two fantasy baseball writers for 2015!

1/17/2015     Are you looking for a NEW experience for the 2015 fantasy baseball season?!?!

12/16/2014   Major League Fantasy Baseball 2015 – League Openings/Writer Openings

7/03/2014    The Future of Fantasy Football and Fantasy Sports as a Whole

5/11/2014     2 New Leagues opening for Major League Fantasy Football 2014

3/15/2014     Looking for 2 Writers, Baseball/Football (Fantasy Sports Writers)

1/16/2014     New League Forming, Major League Fantasy Baseball 4, 2014 season

11/06/2013  Fantasy Sports Writers Wanted (NBA, NFL, MLB)

9/04/2013    NFL predictions and fantasy predictions for 2013

8/31/2013    Owners needed for Major League Fantasy Basketball

4/26/2013    Major League Fantasy Football is looking for 2 blog authors

4/23/2013    Major League Fantasy Football has a brand new league opening for 2013

3/31/2013    2013 MLB Predictions

3/19/2013    A near sighted vision is realized

3/8/2013      MLFB looking for a couple more owners for our new leagues

1/18/2013   M.L.F. Sports: Looking for 2 new blog authors

1/2/2013      A vision made in the minds eye

11/1/2012   Major League Fantasy Baseball will launch two new leagues in February 2013

8/19/2012   Major League Fantasy Football 2 Draft order/Tutorial

6/9/2012     Major League Fantasy Football expands to 3 leagues in 2012

4/12/2012   Mike Scioscia, REALLY?????

4/4/2012     My Heaven called: Major League Baseball

2/10/2012   Major League Fantasy Baseball 3, H2H points league

2/8/2012     Major League Fantasy Baseball II in creation!

1/28/2012  Prince Fielder or C.J. Wilson a better move for Detroit?

1/24/2012  Fielder to Tigers as suggested by MLFS

1/17/2012  Victor Martinez Torn ACL Out for Year!

1/17/2012  Colts Fire Caldwell and look to the future

1/14/2012  Fantasy Baseball: A vision for the future of MLFS

1/13/2012  Join a growing Fantasy Network!

1/13/2012  A look into the mind of M.L.F.S.

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